Amenities in Saltaire

Saltaire was founded in 1851 by Sir Titus Salt, a leading industrialist in the Yorkshire wool industry. The name of the village is a combination of the founder's surname and the River Aire on which it is located. Salt moved his business (comprising of five separate mills) from Bradford to this site near Shipley to arrange his workers and also to be in close proximity to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and the railway. Salt built neat stone houses for his workers which were much better than the slums of Bradford at that time. He also provided wash-houses with tap water, bath-houses, a hospital and an institute for recreation and education, library, reading room, concert hall, billiard room, science laboratory and a gymnasium. The village also had a school for the children of the workers, alms houses, allotments, a park and a boathouse. Because of the history and unique nature of Saltaire village, it has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Because of this the houses are maintained and preserved to high standard, making them extremely popular to rent and there is always a high demand from prospective tenants. The Saltaire Festival, which first took place in 2003 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of Saltaire, is held every year over eleven days in September. Saltaire Arts Trail is a visual arts festival that takes place each May, where residents open the doors of their homes to become temporary art galleries.


•   Saltaire Primary School

•   Titus Salt School


•   Saltaire Railway Station

•   Regular bus service

Medical Facilities

•   Bradford Royal Infirmary (3 miles)

•   Medical Centre

•   Dentist

Shops and Amenities

•   Post Office

•   Bank

•   Many shops

•   1 Supermarket

•   Market

Sports & Recreation Facilities

•   Football Club

•   Cricket Club

•   Park

Leisure & Entertainment

•   6 Restaurants

•   5 Takeaways

•   6 Pubs/bars

•   1 social club

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